CLIC article in ESU focus issue of Nature Physics journal

CLIC article in ESU focus issue of Nature Physics journal

CLIC image in Nature Physics April 2020 article

On April 6, 2020, Nature Physics published a "focus issue" on the European Strategy Update (ESU). In addition to an introductory editorial on the ESU process, it includes articles about CLIC, FCC, physics beyond colliders and accelerator-based particle-physics activities in the US and Asia. The texts target an audience with general physics knowledge, not necessarily of high-energy physics.

The CLIC perspective, written by Eva Sicking and Rickard Ström, surveys the principal merits of the CLIC accelerator concept, presents its detector concept, and examines its precision-measurement programme and reach for discovering new physics phenomena such as new particles. In summary, CLIC stands out from the other proposals by representing an attractive proposition for the next-generation particle collider by combining an innovative accelerator technology, a realistic delivery timescale, and a physics programme that is highly complementary to existing accelerators, reaching uncharted territory.

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